Classic Batteries

As one of our best selling products, classic batteries are widely adopted by clients for cameras, camcoders, LED panels, and most scenes of field shooting.


The fireproof and rubber-like battery shell, and 2-meter drop test is fine.

Battery cells

Grad A cells

Output port

D-tap output

Power indicator

4-level LED Power indicator

Working current


Warranty time

24 months


Here we have 5 models with different output power: EB-95 (95Wh), EB-130 (130Wh), EB-160 (160Wh), EB-190 (190Wh), EB-230 (230Wh).

Grade A cells

The battery cells inside are Grade A cells from South Korea, mainly Samsung cells.

24 months’ warranty time

We supply up to 24 months warranty time for EverSirius professional batteries, 12 months longer than common brands’ batteries.

Fireproof battery shell material

EverSirius battery shell material meets fireproof PC-6620, the same standard as Sony original battery shell standard.

Great battery surface treatment

The Japan hand-feeling rubberized painting treatment is adopted, therefore the battery can be shockproof and non-slip.

Self-protection under heavy current

The battery can protect itself when there is big current, and then the battery can be activated easily once it is charged by our dual charger or quad charger.
D-tap output port is covered by rubber protective lid.



Voltage: 14.8V;
Working current: 15A Max, 150W;
Battery Mount: V-lock / Gold Mount;
Working temperature: -10℃~+45℃;

Capacity                         Weight                           Dimension
95Wh 6.6Ah                 740g/1.63lbs              145x88x48mm/5.7”x3.5”x1.9”
130Wh 8.8Ah              906g/2.00lbs              165x88x48mm/6.5”x3.5”x1.9”
160Wh 11Ah                1000g/2.21lbs             165x88x48mm/6.5”x3.5”x1.9”
190Wh 13.2Ah            1254g/2.76lbs             165x88x63mm/6.5”x3.5”x2.5”
230Wh 15.6Ah            1405g/3.10lbs             165x88x63mm/6.5”x3.5”x2.5”


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