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Always thinking of clients, we do our best to reduce your procurement risk and contribute to your achievements.

What we do

EverSirius is specialized and dedicated to design and supply excellent LED lighting and related power products for Studio/Film/TV/Video, and providing characteristic service.

Our Mission

Providing customers with the most suitable products and making customers happy. 

Our Highlights

With EverSirius, with every success.

We supply LED lighting (ceiling panels, powerful LED panels, Fresnel, etc.) and power products (gold-mount / V-lock batteries, professional dual/quad chargers) with reliable quality and reasonable price.

We also choose excellent lighting from several cooperative factories to meet customers’ various demands, especially for different studio projects, thus saving customers’ time and energy.

We are selling our products through studio lighting project operators and lighting equipment distributors around the world.

With EverSirius, you could get easier communication, faster service, better payment term.

You may have a lot of options for LED film and TV lighting manufacturers in China, so what are the reasons you choose us? Just see below if you are curious:

We design proper lighting by clients’ requirements and practical application.
I am Fannie, founder of EverSirius. Since March 2010, I have engaged in overseas sales of LED film and television lighting. In my work, I found that many factories developed new products, not based on users’ needs, but the market competition. I did not think this is the right way. I hoped I could develop a different kind of lighting based on actual use. I have read books and articles about film and television lighting and learned more about this industry.

How was ceiling panel developed?

In 2015, we found that people always need to turn off ordinary lighting during the shooting process and turn on professional film and television lighting equipment. Then a new idea sprung up: If we upgrade the light source of regular lighting fixtures to meet the basic requirements of shooting, it will help users save the cost of purchasing professional lighting equipment, and they will not have to switch the light source all the time. Over the next two years, we worked together with our Swedish dealer Shair broadcast to explore how to adapt ordinary roof lighting designs to meet the needs of shooting, and we did a lot of work in flick-free CRI95, 220V wall plug, especially DMX512 control, etc. In 2017, we launched the product: ceiling panel for the studio, which was soon adopted by some recording studios in Sweden to get shadowless light and gained customers’ recognition. NRK also started using our ceiling panels in a variety of shooting environments, including OB.
We are open to listening to customers’ feedback and are willing to work with customers to design lightings to meet users’ needs.

How do we select the right lighting according to the needs of our customers?

In many cases, users’ needs are: They do not know which lighting can meet their needs, and many factories only recommend their existing lightings. Our advantage is not only designing and selling our products, but also cooperating with many LED film and television lighting factories in China to select the lightings that best meet our customers’ needs. We test the lightings and feedback the objective test results to our customers to ensure they get the right lighting they need.
We have received an inquiry like this:

1. The LED panels should be directly controlled by the DMX, and addressable on the lamp;
2. The LED panels should have a minimum light output of 1000lux / 3m;
3. LED panels have to be bi-color;
4. The lamps must be able to be dimmed manually from the lamp (local control);
5. Max complete weight not over 8 kg;
6. The light surface should be about 35X30cm (WxH);
7. The lamps must be able to be dimmed manually from the lamp (local control);
8. The lamps should be cooled without fans. The supplier should provide an explanation of technology;
9. The dimmer must be flicker free throughout the dimmer curve;
10.Connection must be 5pin XLR to DMX, preferably in and out on separate plugs. If this is additional equipment, this option must be included in the price quote;
11. The lamps shall be supplied with approved hangers for 48mm tubes and approved safety wire.

Customers could not find the lighting to meet their needs and ask us for help. We finally found proper lighting out of dozens of LED panels, but without DMX512 control; then we made some adjustments to the lighting, increasing the XLR5pins input and output of DMX512. The customers were delighted when they received the lighting fixture. This lighting is our best-selling EX80.

We also have received many similar inquiries. We want to say, our lightings here are generally for customer’s project, and furthermore, to help customers find the most suitable products.

Why Choose Us

We always think of our clients and do our best to reduce their procurement risk and help them earn money. 


We supply professional LED lighting for TV/Film/Studio/Video, TLCI>95, with awesome design.

Real information

All information we offer is based on the fact and what we tested.

Fast service

We reply emails within 24-48 hours. Orders can usually be shipped in one week.

Trusted communication

Our clients trust us. They say we are open and always easy to communicate with us.

Consider for your benefits

Our goal is to provide customers with the most suitable products and reduce their procurement risk.

Demo supply

We will provide demo regularly for professional lighting distributors to test and show.

What Our Clients Say?

EverSirius is a reliable and responsible partner for us. Since 2010 we have had almost daily contact and sent e-mails to each other. We import products from China and Fannie Fang has always responded promptly and correctly to all our questions and showed that she follows up in a way that makes us safe.Her knowledge in the field of recording lamps is extensive and she has the ability to understand what we mean even if we express ourselves incorrectly or unclearly. We know that we can always rely on the advice we receive and therefore we recommend her for her professionalism as well as her personal qualities. She will never let you down.
Sune Sandburg
CEO Shair Broadcast technology Sweden
At Movievision, we not only value our partnerships with our International Suppliers, but also their dedication to the brand quality and design of the products. Eversirius is one of those suppliers. The slim, good looking, light weight design and the ease of operation in the LED products has proven extremely popular in South Africa. Fannie Fang's friendliness comes through immediately on her emails and her assistance with numerous queries and quotations is almost instantaneous. She is a true asset to the Company.
John Harrison
CEO Movievision (Pty) Ltd South Africa
Fannie has helped me and my business for nearly a decade now. In the early days, her persistence to customer support and sales leads helped us grow our business tremendously. I’ve always thought of Fannie and EverSirius as extremely trustworthy and professional. They are amazing to communicate with and we always know that we’re getting better prices and sourcing opportunities when using their services. Fannie has become both a friend and a working companion over the years. Highly recommended!
Aaron Schweid
CEO Intellytech USA
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