Professional Cine Light Reflector

Why Reflectors?

RayFlex professional cine light reflectors use parallel beams of light to overcome the limitations of the inverse square law, effectively reducing light decay over long distances.

Cine light reflectors require no electricity, emit no heat, and are lightweight, making them easy to carry and install. Suitable for a diverse range of shooting environments. Essentially, using reflectors reduces the distance between the light source and the subject. This also minimizes the scale of equipment needed and lowers power requirements, thus reducing costs and providing economic benefits. Even in low-budget scenarios or locations without sufficient power supply to operate large light sources, a series of reflectors can meet lighting needs and produce stunning results.

This product is currently on the rise. Demand is steadily increasing, presenting a significant market opportunity with plenty of potential.

Efficiency in Cost & Result

Traditional Lighting

Several lighting fixtures are required. With power supply, various cables, tripods/grids, and heat emitted from the lights, the shooting area could be much less comfortable. More equipments also need more labor and space.

Lighting with Cine Light Reflectors

One lighting fixture could be enough. RayFlex Reflectors do not need power supply, cables, and have no heat emission. Much less weight to carry, much more space for shooting.

Tailor & Control your light precisely

Using RayFlex cine reflectors to tailor the light

Rendering effect on camera

RayFlex cine light reflectors can replicate the natural fading of light, ensuring consistent illumination throughout the lit area and enabling smooth scene management. The budget required to simulate sunlight is greatly reduced. Additionally, because hard-reflected light has polarizing properties, it creates more realistic sunlight textures and depth. Furthermore, by adjusting the original light color, you can accurately adjust the color temperature of all subsequent reflected light simultaneously.
With the diverse reflectors in our kit, you can create endless creative light scenes and effects. Just inspire your inspiration!

Why RayFlex?

RayFlex cine light reflectors have 4 different sizes with totally 16 models for you to choose for diverse shooting purposes. More inspiring new models are under development.

Excellent quality

First-tier material and manufacturing process.

Friendly price

The same top rated reflectors, while more people afford it.

Various options

4 sizes, 16 models to choose. More versions on the way.

Perfect details

From product to service, we are so confident.

Master your lighting.

RayFlex offers four different reflection angles, each with its unique surface characteristics. With the use of parallel light beams, the reflectivity can be above 95%, producing various light spread effects. These reflectors not only redirect light but can also be used in numerous creative ways, serving as incredible tools for diverse applications. For instance, using multiple reflectors can transform a single light beam into multiple light sources. Let your creativity shine to its fullest!
Note: To achieve controllable reflection effects, parallel light beams should be used. When combined with narrow beam or parallel beam lights, the reflectors can transmit high-intensity light over considerable distances.

#1 Reflection angle 4°

Hard light, hard shadow. Redirect the light beam path.
Function like a mirror but with more even reflection. It changes the beam direction or splits the beam to multiple other reflectors. A strong parallel light beam should be used to ensure the integrity of the reflected light.

#2 Reflection angle 8°

Hard light, hard shadow. Unidirectional diffusion.
It stretches the reflected beam into a light strip, creating some unique and interesting effects.

#3 Reflection angle 12°

Semi-hard light, semi-hard shadow. Diffuse direct light.
The most common use is as a direct light source with higher brightness. It can also reflect the beam onto another larger reflector while maintaining its brightness.

#4 Reflection angle 50°

Soft light, soft shadow. Better for fill light.
The reflected light covers a wider area and is softer. The reflection aligns more closely with the inverse square law in terms of exposure and brightness. The softness or hardness of the reflected beam varies depending on the intensity of the incident beam and its distance from the subject.

You have full choice.

Cine Light Reflector

Pro kit: The ultimate complete cine light reflectors selection.

7x10cm reflectors x4pcs, 10x15cm reflectors x4pcs, 30x30cm reflectors x4pcs, 60x60cm reflectors x 4pcs. Flight case.
Accessories: Sliding lock mount #1; Sliding Lock Mount with 5/8 rod; Safety cable x2; Cleaning Fluid; Glove x 2pairs; Cleaning cloth x4.

7x10 kit

7x10cm reflectors x4pcs, Portable bag PB15.

10x15 kit

10x15cm reflectors x4pcs, Portable bag PB15.

30x30 kit

30x30cm reflectors x4pcs, Portable bag PB30.

60x60 kit

60x60cm reflectors x4pcs, Portable bag PB60.

Single 7x10

One piece of 7x10cm reflector #1 / #2 / #3 / #4.

Single 10x15

One piece of 10x15cm reflector #1 / #2 / #3 / #4.

Single 30x30

One piece of 30x30cm reflector #1 / #2 / #3 / #4.

Single 60x60

One piece of 60x60cm reflector #1 / #2 / #3 / #4.

Optional Accessories

Sliding lock mount #1

Sliding lock mount #2

Ball-joint arm


Safety cable


Flexible rod with cold shoe

Flight case for Pro kit

Helpful Q&A

Do my cine light reflectors need maintenance? What should I do?

Absolutely! Cine light reflectors have high-tech surfaces and should be maintained just like any other electronic equipment in your lighting setup.
Try to avoid touching the reflective surface with your fingers to prevent scratches. Please wear gloves when handling them.
We recommend cleaning the surface after each shoot to keep it free from stains and ready for the next use!
If the reflective surface does get dirty, no worries! Use our cleaning cloth and fluid (or purified water). After it’s thoroughly dried, please put it back in its case promptly.

Do scratches on the reflector affect its use?

Minor scratches are usually more of a cosmetic issue and don’t significantly affect the reflection quality. However, it’s still best to avoid scratches, as larger, noticeable scratches can impact hard light reflectors like RayFlex #1 and #2.
Avoid dents at all costs! Dents can cause the reflected light to skew and produce unwanted spill light.
Once again, always wear gloves when handling the reflectors, and clean and maintain them after each use.

What if my reflectors get exposed to rain, snow, or sandstorms?

Don’t panic! If your reflectors get caught in rain, snow, or sand, rinse it off with clean water to thoroughly remove any residual rainwater, snow, or sand particles. Once it’s dry, place it back in its bag.

Can cine light reflectors improve the quality of the light source?

The softer the reflected light, the less noticeable the shortcomings of the light source (such as uneven light field or color fringing). The greater the distance between the light and the reflector, the less apparent the original light source’s flaws. Additionally, reflectors can accurately reflect 100% of the light source’s color.

How is a cine light reflector different from a bounce board?

Cine light reflectors offer 100% color reflection and over 95% light reflection. In contrast, other reflective surfaces like silver boards and mirrors are unpredictable.
It’s important to clarify that a cine light reflector is not a mirror but a carefully designed reflective surface. RayFlex provides you with 4 reflection effects and 4 sizes, giving you a total of 16 options for controlled diffuse light.

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