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From TNV in Germany: EverSirius EX80 vs. Felloni 3

Our EX80 mini panel was tested by TNV Group ( in Germany, whose brand stands for innovative film, TV, and streaming projects worldwide.
The following report is from TVN.

So, I made the measurements of the EX 80 again, and this time I also saved them, see appendix.
I also tested the EX80 against the “normal” Felloni (not Turbo), which is undoubtedly more in line with the targeted segment.
The criticism in detail:
– Performance: can hold its own – against the Felloni3 -, the light emission is even a bit wider, which is good.
– Color temperature values: All good and very close to the configured setting values.
– Features: DMX built-in and XLR 4-pin for external power supply. Which is very good.
– Mechanics: (even if the robustness of metal means heavy) everything seems to fit. It looks stable and reliable.
– Form factor: Considering the performance with a smaller surface is a good point, but surface means softness of light, so I can’t see the advantage of a 10cm lower height. (see picture)

– The gates are – as always on an area lamp – unnecessary. When they are gone, the lamp is even lighter, and the weight is more likely to be comparable to Felloni.

EverSirius’s feedback: The gates (barn doors) can be removed easily. If the clients don’t need the barn doors always, the EX80 can be ordered and supplied without barn doors, and then the cost will be less too.

-Weight: All-metal is robust as always, but on top of a tripod at 3m height, it might be dangerous.
The EX80 weighs about 3kg (but with the gates, without its only 2.5kg)

EverSirius’s feedback: A safety cable is coming together with EX80. Using the safety cable when on a tripod is necessary too.
Sorry that we will not use a plastic shell to reduce the weight, considering the heat dissipation and durability.

– Are there any accessories for the EX80? – In terms of performance, it could “afford” a softbox (light loss is acceptable).

EverSirius’s answer: a softbox is optional.
Other accessories:
– V mount to Dual Sony NP-F series DV batteries converting plate, so that both V-Mount battery and 2 of NP-F960/F970 batteries can power the EX80.
– Tripod;
– DMX controller;
– V-Mount battery and chargers;
– A kit bag for 3 x EX80 as well as batteries.

-Besides, an additional milk disc, which replaces the previous one, would be excellent. It should be so dense that the LEDs are no longer visible. (Deals better with reflections)

EverSirius’s answer: we can supply another milk disc.


Hi, I'm Bing Bai, the author of this post.
I have been in the field of LED film and studio lighting for more than 9 years. If you would like to learn more about our products or lighting solutions, feel free to let me know.

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