Full Color LED Panel 300W RGBWW (w/o fan)

Beam angle


Color Light

Full RGBWW color gamut mixing

White Light

Continuously adjustable 2700K to 8000K






0-100% linearly adjustable


XLR 3/5pins

Power Input

AC100-240V, 50/60Hz

Power Output

300W max




9.75kg (w/o Barndoors)

Working Temperature

-10°C ~ +40°C

IP Rating

IP 20

Product Details

EverSirius EP300 RGBWW


All-new EverSirius 300W RGBWW full-color panel is launched! With 180° beam angle, fan-less cooling system, this IS an excellent assistant for TV and Film studios.

There are 858pcs of RGB LED source, 880pcs of Tungsten LED source, and 880pcs of Daylight LED source. It includes 8 x lighting modes: CCT 2700-8000K, HSI, RGBW, Tungsten, Sodium Vapour, Metal Halide, Fluorescent, and Street.

With the design of an ultra-thin die-casting aluminum case, the lighting body has a simple and fashionable appearance. To a panel of 300W, it weighs only 9.8kg.

The most remarkable is that we developed an aluminum radiator passive cooling design for this 300W RGBWW panel, which is different from all other high-power RGBW panels with fan cooling in the market. There is no fan, no noise absolutely. The panel has a temperature display, with automatic protection against over-temperature.

Another highlight is that we designed the beam angle of 180°, super flood lighting. There will be much bigger lighting area than other panels with 120° beam angle. Moreover, the light is very soft.

The DC48V input makes it available for outdoor application. It can be powered by 14.8V batteries when working with suitable adapters.

Main Features:
  • High power 300W
  • Beam angle 180°, more even and soft light
  • Fan-less design, ultra-silent heat dissipation
  • RGBWW 5 colors, fully tunable from 2700K to 8000K
  • 4 kinds of dimming curves, 0-100% linearly adjustable
  • Dimming mode frequency 500Hz-25000Hz optional
  • LCD touch-screen, better experience of manual control
  • DMX512/RDM, master/slave & autorun, 10CH
  • LED Source quantity: 858pcs of RGB LED source, 880pcs of Tungsten LED source, and 880pcs of Daylight LED source
  • lighting mode x 8: CCT 2700-8000K, HSI, RGBW, Tungsten, Sodium Vapour, Metal Halide, Fluorescent, and Street
  • Special Effect x 7: Storm, Cop Car, Candle Light, Soft Disco, Hard Disco, Monitor, Multi Flash
  • Filters Effect x 10
  • Shell material: Die-casting aluminum
  • Power supply: Adaptor by MEAN WELL
  • Voltage: AC100-240V 50-60Hz,  DC 48V
  • Beam angle: 180° Flood
  • Dimension: 76×10.6×41.5cm
  • Weight: 9.75kg w/o barndoors; 12kg w/ AC adaptor & barndoors
  • Packaging dimension: 84×49.5×19cm
  • Packaging weight: 14kg
Light test Data




Photometric Data




2700K 5975 lux / 555 fc 1656 lux / 154 fc 939 lux / 87 fc
5600K 7296 lux / 678 fc 2017 lux / 187 fc 1136 lux / 105 fc
8000K 7313 lux / 679 fc 2028 lux / 188 fc 1142 lux / 106 fc
Red 1262 lux / 117 fc 339 lux / 31 fc 166 lux / 15 fc
Green 3643 lux / 338 fc 959 lux / 89 fc 465 lux / 43 fc
Blue 784 lux / 73 fc 214 lux / 20 fc 105 lux / 9.7 fc
What are included:
  • Panel
  • AC adapter
  • Power cable
  • DMX512 cable




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