Full Color LED Panel 120W Fan-less EX120 RGBW



Beam angle

120 degree

Color light

Full RGBWW color gamut mixing

White light

Continuously adjustable 2800K to 10000K


0-100% continuous





Power input

AC100-240V,50/60Hz, DC15V

Power output

120W max

Battery Mount

V Mount




6.47kg (w/o adapter)

Product Details

Powerful fanless RGBW Panel EX120C

EverSirius EX120C combines the advantages and excellent features of a top-tier LED Panel. It is a compact, soft, and efficient flat panel light. It is adjustable on color temperature and green magenta dots. The spectrum is optimized to give good color effects. This is an ideal LED Panel for TV Broadcast studios.

Designed with all-aluminum frame and has a good cooling system, EX120C is fanless and gives absolutely silent shooting environment.

With V-lock plate, the panel can be easily powered by V-mount batteries and applied both in studios and field shooting.

Main Features:
  • All-aluminum frame, a good cooling system
  • Spectrum optimized
  • Fully adjustable color temperature from 2800K to 10000K
  • Complete 0-360 CRI and TLCI 95+
  • Flicker-free
  • Dimming 0-100%
  • Multiple pre-programmed scenes and effects available: CCT, HSI, RGBWW, Filters, Special effect(Party, Cop car, Lightning, etc.), Scenes.
  • LCD screen displays real-time data for color temperature and brightness
  • DMX512 /remote / manual control
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor video/still life/portrait shooting, interview, micro movie, etc.


Photometric Data

White light

1M 2M 3M


3450lux / 321fc 923lux / 86fc 493lux / 46fc


3555lux / 330fc 954lux / 89fc

509lux / 48fc


3664lux / 341fc 994lux / 92fc

526lux / 49fc

10000K 3341lux / 311fc 907lux / 84fc

482lux / 45fc

Color light


0.5M 1M 2M


2195lux / 204fc 602lux / 56fc 170lux / 16fc
Green 5563lux / 517fc 1957lux / 182fc

415lux / 39fc

Blue 1006lux / 94fc 277lux / 26fc

93lux / 8.7fc


What is included:
                          • The Panel
                          • AC power adapter
                          • Power cord
                          • DMX cable
                          • Safety cable
                          • Soft bag
                          • Instruction manual
Optional accessory:
                          • Remote control
                          • Softbox
                          • Honeycomb grid


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