BeamFlex: Full Color/Bi-Color Foldable LED Mat 200W Fan-less (1x4) EL200CL













Beam angle



XLR 5pins


LumenRadio TimoTwo available

Cooling method

Fanless design, passive heat dissipation


Panel: 300*1200*25mm
controlller:217*144*68 mm


Panel: 3kg
Controller: 1.3kg


RGBWW, Bi-Color

Product Details

BeamFlex: Professional Flexible LED Panel for Versatile Setups


Enhance your production quality with BeamFlex, our thoughtfully engineered foldable LED panel designed to cater to the practical needs of TV studios, video conferencing, and live streaming. Its user-friendly design and high-performance features make it a reliable tool for various professional lighting setups.

Introducing the BeamFlex: Your Studio’s Silent Workhorse

  • Foldable Flexibility: The BeamFlex offers a foldable, lightweight structure for easy transport and storage. It fits seamlessly into any on-location or studio space at a slender 2.5cm thickness and weighing only 3kg.
  • Fanless Design, Silent Operation: With an all-metal backplate, which is a passive cooling system, BeamFlex operates without fans, ensuring your recordings are free of unwanted noise interference.
  • Precision Lighting: CRI≥96, TLCI ≥98, step-less dimming 0-100%. CCT 2700K – 10000K to match any lighting condition.
  • Efficient Control: While in CCT mode, the RGB LEDs stay unlit, ensuring pure white light control. For creative scenarios, 19 preset lighting effects add drama or realism to your scenes.
  • Adaptable for Any Space: BeamFlex’s detachable controller and compact form factor are designed to facilitate quick adjustments and fit into varied filming environments, regardless of size constraints.


  • Model: BeamFlex EL200CL
  • LED Source: RGB + Daylight + Tungsten SMD LED source
  • Power Consumption: 200W
  • CCT: 2700K~10000K, with G/M adjustment
  • Dimming: 0~100% stepless dimming, 4 dimming curves including Linear, Exponential, Logarithmic, and S-Curve.
  • Light effects (×19): Pulsing, fire, TV, lightning, faulty bulb, paparazzi, SOS, fireworks, explosion, breathing, twinkle, club, cop car, candle, party, fluorescent, weld, color chase, CCT chase
  • CRI: ≥96
  • TLCI: ≥98
  • Rf: 94 avg.
  • Rg: 103 avg.
  • DMX control: XLR 5pins, CRMX LumenRadio TimoTwo available
  • Cooling system: All-metal back plate for passive heat dissipation
  • Working voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz


Photometric data (300*1200mm version):


2m 3m 4m


2700K (w/o softbox)

5933 lux /551 fc

1695 lux /158 fc 906 lux /84 fc 459 lux /43 fc

343 lux /32 fc

2700K (w/ softbox)

3865 lux /359 fc

1121 lux /104 fc 535 lux /50 fc 311 lux /29 fc

209 lux /19 fc

3200K (w/o softbox)

6060 lux /563 fc

1802 lux /167 fc 922 lux /86 fc 477 lux /44 fc

359 lux /33 fc

3200K (w/ softbox)

4200 lux /390 fc

1320 lux /123 fc 571 lux /53 fc 361 lux /34 fc

222 lux /21 fc

5600K (w/o softbox)

6744 lux /627 fc

2003 lux /186 fc 999 lux /93 fc 587 lux /55 fc

379 lux /35 fc

5600K (w/ softbox)

4751 lux /442 fc

1399 lux /130 fc 591 lux /55 fc 400 lux /37 fc

232 lux /22 fc

6500K (w/o softbox)

7017 lux /652 fc

2214 lux /206 fc 1047 lux /97 fc 608 lux /57 fc

392 lux /36 fc

6500K (w/ softbox)

4888 lux /454 fc

1497 lux /139 fc 609 lux /57 fc 403 lux /37 fc

240 lux /22 fc

What’s included:
  • LED Panel
  • Controller
  • Support rod  (2)
  • Dual spindle
  • Extended connecting cable
  • Power Cable
  • Grid
  • Softbox


BeamFlex has two versions: 600*600mm, 300*1200mm

RGBWW and Bi-Color for both versions.

Click here to see the 600*600mm version.


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