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How to Choose Lighting Fixtures for Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are environments that often require a lot of lighting fixtures. Then what characteristics should the lighting in a conference room have, and how do you choose the most suitable fixtures?

In a conference room, it’s best to use as few types of fixtures as possible, aiming for simplicity. The goal is to meet the requirements for room illumination and filming quality.

For a common, small conference room, there aren’t usually special requirements for lighting fixtures. Considering factors like price, energy efficiency, heat dissipation, and color temperature, tri-color lights are generally used. The layout of the lights primarily ensures the division of different functional areas and the intensity of illumination in different areas, maintaining a color temperature of around 3200K.

In larger video conference rooms, considering aesthetics, recessed LED panel lights are commonly used. The podium area’s key light, top light, and background light require the use of recessed panel fixtures, with dense light distribution. The illumination on the podium should be more than twice that of the audience area, including anti-glare features. A warm white light of 4000K is preferable. If the video conference room requires multiple scenes usage, lighting control systems can be adjusted based on actual needs.

For some other larger spaces, such as multifunctional halls, which have wide and extensive areas, pendant panel lights can be utilized. This pendant design is typically employed in conference rooms with high ceilings. Suspended above, these fixtures, with their conspicuous casings and barndoors, are exposed at the top of the room. Compared to embedded conference room lights, their concealment and aesthetics are somewhat lacking, and maintenance can be more cumbersome. Nonetheless, for existing conference rooms, this is a mature compromise solution. Ideally, lighting project plans should be considered and designed before construction begins. Recessed fixtures, hiding everything but the emitting surface within the ceiling, achieve the best combination of aesthetics and practicality, resulting in the most suitable lighting effect.

Among EverSirius’s professional lighting products, the BeamPro series stands out as the best choice for conference rooms, live broadcast studios, and recording classrooms:

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