Conference room

How to Choose Lighting Fixtures for Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are environments that often require a lot of lighting fixtures. Then what characteristics should the lighting in a conference room have, and how do you choose the most suitable fixtures? In a conference room, it’s best to use as few types of fixtures as possible, aiming for simplicity. The goal is to meet the requirements for room illumination

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LED Lighting

Essential Studio Lighting Techniques for Professional Video Production: A Useful Guide

When designing lighting for television studios and various broadcast studios, it’s crucial not only to meet the video shooting requirements of the entire studio but also to consider how to coordinate with the host through lighting design. The host’s skin tone, clothing, and other factors can significantly impact the placement of studio lights and the adjustment of light intensity. Common

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Cutting the Cord: CRMX and the Wireless Impact in Studio Lighting

“How will you choose about LumenRadio CRMX integrated into lighting fixtures as a lighting professional?” I recently launched a vote among lighting professionals to gather their opinions on CRMX. Surprisingly, the majority chose the option “CRMX built-in”. This response indicates that professionals believe CRMX should become a standard feature in lighting fixtures, paving the way for future trends in the

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LED Lighting

From TNV in Germany: EverSirius EX80 vs. Felloni 3

Our EX80 mini panel was tested by TNV Group ( in Germany, whose brand stands for innovative film, TV, and streaming projects worldwide.The following report is from TVN. So, I made the measurements of the EX 80 again, and this time I also saved them, see appendix.I also tested the EX80 against the “normal” Felloni (not Turbo), which is undoubtedly

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